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Bennett Papaya Soap : 160g


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Bennett Papaya Soap : 160g
    Papaya fruit is a healthy fruit that originates from Central America the benefits of papaya is also quite good. The properties are both medicines contain anti-oxidants are many types. This allows for your health, help maintain healthy skin glow always helps to slow down aging. Reduce and prevent wrinkles. Can be used as a treatment to make clear, too. With ripe papaya mixed with honey and milk.

* Back to nature with Soap refining Bennett Papaya.
* From inherited the recipe and how to mix the soap with traditional hand from generation to generation.

 Thailand's current plans and developed by a pharmacist with the extraction and refining of valuable fruit. 
 Makes beta-carotene. The antioxidants help to nourish the skin.
 No rough skin to look white, obviously.
 Reunited with meat, soap, high-quality natural material, very soft bubble.
 Meat Loaf Soap hard time protecting the skin from acne rash.

Usage :
Use bleach to wash or scrub without scratching.