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Bhaesaj Body Whitening Lotion


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Bhaesaj Body Whitening Lotion
 * 24-Hour Skin Protection Formula
   The Bhaesaj Body Whitening Lotion, 24-Hour Skin Protection Formula, contains a sunlight-prevention substance that reduces skin tanning, whitens and increases natural softness, smoothness and moisture. It is perfect for skin that requires special protection from sunlight, with this fascinating combination of nutrients:-
Double UV Filter : protects skin from UVA and UVB in sunlight and eliminates the problems of skin tanning and dark spots.
Vitamin B3 : helps to hinder melanin synthesis in the epidermis layer and brighten skin so that it looks naturally clearer.
Vitamin E : fights free radicals and protects skin from pollution as well as delaysand decreaseswrinkle forming and reduces the premature skin-aging problem.
Moisturizer : nurtures skin from the layer underneath and preserves skin balance to maintain softness and freshness.

Available : 150ml , 250ml , 400ml