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L'Oreal Aura Perfect Extraordianary Whip Foam 100ml


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L'oreal Aura Perfect Extraordinary Whip Foam 100ml.
     Facial cleansing foam for bright and clear skin. Distinguished by the texture of the whipped foam, the texture of the foam will help cleanse dirt, fine dust, and makeup residue deeply and gently. Eliminate dullness to make the skin look radiant. smoother and brighter with moisture retention Reveals smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin.
• SEA SAT : Enriched with sea salt, it can deep cleanse. remove dirt
• BERGAMOT EXTRACT : combines a blend of bergamot extract to help eliminate dullness.

  How to use : Squeeze the amount of foam 1 cm. and beat the foam until foam is a soft whipped foam. Gently massage onto wet face. Avoid the area around the eyes, rinse thoroughly.