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Nivea Men Acne Oil Clear Face Gel Serum 50ml

Nivea Men

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Nivea Men Acne Oil Clear Face Gel Serum 50ml
   Nourishing gel, helps reduce oiliness and eliminate 10 problems of acne
- Carmine : Oil control in deep level of skin pores
- Combined with nourishing substances, helps to reduce dark spots and acne scars
- Smoothen pores when regularly used
- Gentle formula with no peeling substance, which may cause skin to be sensitive to sunlight
For skin clear, no oiliness, and far from 10 problems of acne
1. Acne
2. Small pimples
3. Reduce bacteria accumulation
4. Dark spots
5. Red marks
6. Enlarged pores
7. Acne scars
8. Oily skin 
9. Dark spots caused by acne
10. Non-smooth skin
 Directions: Use all over the face in the morning and/or evening on cleansed skin.