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Nivea White Pearl Foam 100g.


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Nivea White Pearl Foam 100g.
 -  Best for : normal-mixed skin, extra dull skin, regularly makeup? 
 -  Deeply cleanse impurities and reduce dark spots within 7 days by 10X clear power

  * 90% Pearl Extracts and Pearly whitening, proven to give 10X better whitening effect than vitamin C
  * Even-tone skin
  * Contains 17 amino acids that helps moisturize skin

10 Makeup residues removal
  1. Oil 
  2. Powder
  3. Foundation
  4. Blush on
  5. Eyes shadow
  6. Silicone
  7. Eyeliner
  8. Color powder
  9. Stains from nourish cream
10. Stains from sunscreen? 

  With Pearly Whitening formula, 10X better whitening effect than Vitamin C, reduces dark spots and freckles within 7 days. With its delicate beads, thus, the product is 100% guaranteed no skin sensitivity

Usage instructions : Apply and massage foam over wet face by avoiding eyes area. Rinse off with clean water