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Pond's Bright Beauty 3D Glow Serum 30g.


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Pond's Bright Beauty 3D Glow Serum 30g.
   Pond's first ever Power Serum that harnesses the power of 3 potent ingredients to brighten, smoothen and hydrate your skin to give you the ultimate 3D Korean Glow Power of 3 potent skin perfecting ingredients Brightening Gluta-Boost-C Works 15x better than Vitamin C. Pond's 3D Glow Serum effectively fades dark spots and brightens your skin Pore Minimizing Vitamin B3 Minimize the appearance of visible pores and smoothen skin 3D Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Contains different molecule sizes of hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates each skin layer to leave a dewy finish antioxidant potency of Glutaboost-C vs. Vitamin C based on In vitro data Sodium Pyroglutamate, Glycine, Cystine epidermis.

     Apply 2-3 serum drops and spread evenly on cleansed face and neck. Use as below steps every day and night for a better result Step 1 Pond's Super Essence Step 2 Pond's 3D Glow Power Serum Step 3 Pond's Serum Burst Cream/Pond's Super Cream