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Senka Perfect Whip Vit C Poreless Glow Foam 100ml.


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Senka Perfect Whip Vit C Poreless Glow Foam 100ml.
    Say goodbye to annoying enlarged pores with whipped foam cleanser. Helps pores look smaller and bright bright skin For beautiful skin with a clear glow Pores look smooth.
• Clean : Microfoam with ultra-fine foam particles cleans 7 dirt  
• Help pores look smaller : with a mixture of BHA  That helps the pores look smaller, look smoother, and blend in with the skin until they are less visible. Keeps skin soft and smooth even when looking up close.
• Glowing skin : Enriched with Japanese Yuzu extract and Vitamin C for a healthy glow. Along with the unique combination of Senka Double Hyaluronic Acid combined with White Cocoon Essence that helps to add moisture to the skin. and retain moisture to remain on the skin.

Usage : while your hands are wet, your face is wet Squeeze 2 cm of foam on the palm, mix a little water. Make a fine foam, gently massage over wet face. Rinse with clean water.