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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Wipes Mixed 10 Sheets x 2

Snake Brand

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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Wipes Mixed 10 Sheets x 2
 * Classic 1 pack ( 10 Sheets )
 * Lavender 1 Pack ( 10 Sheets )
* Snake Brand Cooling Powder Sheet Relaxing
* Cleaning body from sweat with menthol and powder
* Feel relax from " Lavender Oil "
* Refresh, Cool and Smooth Skin like a use talcum powder, Reduce bacteria
* No need freezing and long-lasting cool

How to use
Pull the front sticker and take it any time if you need clean and refreshing cool.

1. Do not wipe the eye area. Sensitive skin and wounds.
2. Keep the temperature at 30 ?? C and avoid sunlight.
3. To protect the dry cloth. Always close the sticker after use.