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Taoyeablok Thai Herbal Whitening Deodorant Powder : Mixed x 3


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Taoyeablok Thai Herbal Whitening Deodorant Powder : Mixed  x 3
 *  Original
 * Lavender
 * Sakura
 ( If need change type / Please add in order detail )
Description :
   Taoyeablok Herb powder is an antiperspirant & deodorant powder made from all natural herbs which help eliminate the smell around your armpit, Foot area effectively and reduce dark spots around underarm area as well as whiten armpit skin.Also helps prevention from rashes and itchy around the armpit. Non-sticky texture and no cause smudge to your clothes.
How to use :
Apply an amount of powder on armpits after take a bath in morning.
Net Weight : 25g