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Vaseline Underarm Dry Serum Bright & Smooth 45ml x 2


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Vaseline Underarm Dry Serum Bright & Smooth 45ml x 2
     The first deo serum from Vaseline clinically proven to restore underarm skin 20 layers deep, giving you whiter underarms instantly!
     Plucking and shaving your underarms causes damage deep beneath the skin’s surface, causing skin darkening to form.
Only Vaseline whitening deo serum contains Collagen that penetrates 20 layers deep to restore damage at the source so you get whiter underarms instantly.
Vaseline Deo Dry Serum Bright & Smooth
- Revolutionary Dry Serum for underarms
- Power from within for whiter underarms from the first use
- Soft & firm skin
- Sheer & light weight that absorbs instantly
- Nourish skin 20 layers deep
- With key ingredient of Collagen + Omega 6
- 48 hour protection
(1) Squeeze the tube until a pea-sized amount comes out of the dome
(2) Apply dome directly to underarms
(3) Spread the product evenly on the underarm everyday