Facy Whitening C 2 IN 1 Cold Scrub Mud Mask


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Facy Whitening C 2 IN 1 Cold Scrub Mud Mask
* Natural Exfoliator Brightening Skin
* 2 IN 1 Cold Scrub Mud Mask
   ( With Blue Green Seaweed Extract & Vitamin C )
   2 in 1 seaweed mud mask with natural exfoliator helps brightening skin complexion due to pure vitamin C combining with concentrate fresh blue-green seaweed extract fighting against all signs of aging.
   It smooths and tone the skin complexion and give facial skin noticeable firmness and brightness after first time use.
Ingredients :
  Blue Green Seaweed Extract, Vitamin C, Apricot Seed.
How To Use :
   Clay Mask over entire face, avoiding eye area and leave for 10-15 minutes and then pat your face with water,then massage in a circular motion around the face. To scrub working.
   By focusing on a dull area. Then rinse with clean water
Net Weight : 10g.