L'Oreal Aura Perfect Anti Dullness Scrub : 100ml


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L'oreal Aura Perfect Anti Dullness Scrub : 100ml
* Instantly cleaned from impurities, your skin is perfectly prepared for the whitening care
* Smooth and more radiant, your skin look brighter and reflects the light with is natural beauty. 
* Day after day, pores are visibly minimized and the skin texture is refined.

Actions :
1. Cleansed skin perfectly from impurities : WHITE PERFECT Anti-dullness Scrub unclogs pores and clears them from dirt and impurities.

2. Contributes to a complete
  Whitening effectiveness: The Exfoliating Beads gently massage the skin, which washes away excess sebum at skin's surface and helps to remove dull dead cells to reveal a more radiant complexion.

How to use : Use with water to obtain lather in the palms of your hands. Apply on wet face and gently massage with fingertips, concentrating on forehead, nose and chin, and avoiding eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly.