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Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Brightening Stick 50ml.


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Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Brightening 48h Stick : 50ml.
   NIVEA Extra Brightening Roll On offers the confidence of effective 48 hour regulation of perspiration while effectively brightening and smoothing underarm skin. The optimal combination of reliability, beauty and care
 - 48 hour reliable antiperspirant protection
 - With 10 skin nutrients & Vitamin to support the skin's natural repair process for bright and smooth underarms .
 - effectively minimize underarm pores enlarged by frequent shaving and plucking
 - Without alcohol, color, or preservatives
 - Skin tolerance terminologically proven
How to use :
1. Shake NIVEA deodorant bottle up-side-down
2. Rub it all around your armpit, avoid direct contact with your eyes
3. Let it dry before wearing your shirt

Net Weight : 50ml