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Nivea Men Deep Acne Oil Clear Face Serum 7ml x 6

Nivea Men

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Nivea Men Deep Acne Oil Clear Face Serum 7ml. x 6
    Nivea Men Deep Acne Oil Clear Face Serum deals effectively with oily and acne-prone skin and the first signs of bacteria forming - a leading cause of acne.
   The light and silky texture of the rapid clear serum is non greasy and absorbed quickly on application.
    Combined with Himalayan Rock salt known for its antibacterial properties together with 84 minerals that help maintain the balance of your skin naturally and keep it looking healthy.
Nivea Acne Clear Facial Serum Helps
 - Helps the skin to look better in 7 days 
 - Contains oil-reducing agents to stop clogging pores
 - Skin exfoliation to wash away bacteria 
 - Conceals acne holes and revitalize the skin
 - Certified by skin experts to help keep skin, smooth, firm and clear
 - Rejuvenate skin cells from the inside

  Use over cleansed face morning and night.