Nivea Men White Oil Control UV Serum Moisturizer 8ml x 6

Nivea Men

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Nivea Men White Oil Control UV Serum Moisturiser 8ml Pack 6
     Cream Mixing sunscreen for oily skin formation. Slit pores Man, I'm for real life Often have to wade out in the sun. Skin pigmentation collection Slit pores clear.
     The latest innovation for the formation of a skin. Already proven by experts Not only helps tighten pores from the inside.
      But also help the skin look radiant white synergies Nat. Providing clarity 10 times better than vitamin C.
     No catalyst flaking skin. Darker skin does not come back again. Control it with acne

Management problem skin of 10 men, 10 in 1.
1. spots from sun
2. Black spots
3. dark circles, acne
4. sun freckle
5. dull skin is not bright
6. free skin cumulative
7. uneven skin tone
8. skin sensitive to the sun
9. Surface roughness
10. During the day, oily skin.