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Rexona Underarms Deo Dry Serum Natural Brightening Fresh Sakura


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Rexona Underarms Deo Dry Serum Natural Brightening Fresh Sakura 
  Rexona Natural Brightening Fresh Sakura Dry Serum instantly dries and brighten naturally!
  * It's lightweight, non-sticky formula contains natural whitening ingredients- vitamin E and licorice extract that is instantly absorbed, for naturally whiter underarms!
  * With fresh sakura scent and 48-hour sweat and odor protection.
  * 0% Alcohol Dermatologist Tested.
Directions for use:
(1) Squeeze the tube until a pea-sized amount comes out of the dome
(2) Apply dome directly to underarms
(3) Spread the product evenly on the underarm everyday

Net Weight : 50ml