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Sunsilk Leave On Hair Treatment 40ml : Healthier & Long Hair x 3


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Sunsilk Leave On Hair Treatment 40ml.: Healthier & Long Hair x 3
Healthier & Long with Biotin (A Healthy hair growth vitamin) For Long Hair

By Dr. Francesca Fusco Scalp Care Expert

* No rinse, Non-sticky
* For instantly shape restore and protection for long hair. Sunsilk Healthier & Long Instant Shape Protection Cream? 
* For Long Hair, Instantly brings your hair back in shape and protects it for healthy growth.
* Easy, quick and hassle-free. No need to rinse!

How to Use :
- After finished shampoo & conditioner, dry your hair with towel.
- Then massage leave on lotion onto hair (before dry your hair with hair-dryer).
- No need to rinse off.