Garnier Men Acno Fight Acne Fighting Whitening Face Serum 7ml x 6

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Garnier Men Acno Fight Serum Acne Fighting Whitening Face Serum : 7ml x 6
    * Fights 12X Signs of acne & dullness
    * Acne Fighting whitening serum
    The 1st* moisturizer for men that fights pimples and skin dullness in a light and quick absorbing mattifying serum.
    Acnofight serum gives you clearer and whiter skin with 12 powerful benefits:
- removes dullness
- lightens marks
- reduce spots
- reduces pore size
- fights pimples
- removes excess oil
- removes blackheads
- soothes skin
- skin looks smooth
- skin feels moisturized
- gives even looking skin tone
- protects from the sun
   The proven power of nature based ingredients Herbal Repair:
    A natural active extracted from Vaccinium mytillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties.
   * Lemon & Peppermint Extracts:
   * Nature's wonder ingredients known for its soothing properties.
Usage : Apply twice daily on the whole face on perfectly cleansed skin. Avoid eye area.