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Garnier Men AcnoFight Anti-Acne Scrub in Foam

Garnier Men

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Garnier Men AcnoFight Anti-Acne Scrub in Foam
     Facial foam to solve 12 facial problems for men. Value care and maintenance in one. Helps gently exfoliate skin cells Reduce the accumulation of bacteria that cause acne. Clear facial skin to be radiant with natural extracts, elastic skin, smooth skin color, uniform. and does it all day
• Direct to solve facial skin problems deeply. especially acne problems
• Microbeads gently exfoliate old skin cells.
• Restore your face to be clear, smooth and not oily all day.
Usage :
Use daily on wet face. Gently massage in with fingertips around forehead, nose and chin, while avoiding the eye contour.
Available Size : 100ml , 150ml.