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Namu Life Snailwhite Whipp Soap 100g.

Namu Life Snailwhite

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Namu Life Snailwhite Whipp Soap 100g.
    Premium grade mesh soap to a new experience of facial soap Helps gently cleanse the skin With rejuvenation with extracts from the leaves of the berry tree. that helps the skin look radiant and 3 types of plant extracts, including Ecium oil sunflower oil and hump flowers that reduces inflammation Combined with hyaluronic acid to help add water to the skin. Make your skin radiant, youthful, healthy naturally.
• Skin looks radiant and healthy.
• Soft, moist, youthful skin.
• Help reduce bacteria.

How to use : Drop water on the mesh soap. Rub back and forth until it turns into whipped foam. Gently pat the foam. all over the face Rinse with clean water.