Smooto Aloe-E Snail Bright Gel 50g


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Smooto Aloe-E Snail Bright Gel 50g
   99.5% concentrated aloe vera gel mixed with vitamin E and natural snail slime extract. Soft, light gel texture, quickly absorbed. Suitable for all skin types. Especially sensitive skin.

10 tips for beautiful skin.
1. Facial mask after laser treatment
2. Apply skin care For sensitive skin
3. Facial mask before going to bed.
4. Apply the skin after sun exposure
5. Apply acne scars
6. Nourish hands and nails
7. Stick cotton buds under the eyes, dark skin, sleep deprivation
8. Apply scar, smooth, convex scar
9. Apply before makeup, lasting makeup
10. Apply elbows, heels, knees
How to use : Nourish the face and body skin every morning-evening. Or as often as needed (Recommend refrigerating before using For refreshing and maintaining good performance)