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Smooto Aloe-E Snail Bright Gel 50ml x 4


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Smooto Aloe-E Snail Bright Gel 50ml x 4
     Aloe vera gel 99.5% concentration, soft gel texture, light and can be absorbed into the skin quickly. Mixed with vitamin E and natural snail slime extracts. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
• Aloe vera helps restore skin after chemical, laser treatment. Sunburn and pollution
• Vitamin E helps reduce scars, acne scars and dark spots to fade.
• Snail secretion helps restore healthy skin. tighten pores Reduce acne and clogged acne problems
• Hyaluron helps restore dry skin to return to moisture.

Usage : Nourish the face and body regularly every morning-evening. or can be used as often as needed